Hell, yes! Aquafaba aka Vegan Meringues

Vegane Meringuen / Aquafaba

#oneofakind #vegan #aquafaba #foodporn #foodiesunited! Let me introduce you to a one of a kind treat, easy to make, addictive and innovative! A recipe that directly awakened my inner child to play with ingredients. It’s vegan, by the way and it’s stolen! Aqua… what? You might wanna ask, well…

We will talk in English today for all my international friends to not miss this recipe. And for the girl, who shared her excitement with me and got me infected for Aquafaba: Kat Foster. Kat is a former colleague and fellow foodie of mine, a Canadian foodie currently rocking Austin, Texas. When she posted:

… I knew I had to give these Vegan Meringues made out of the chickpea liquid a try! Although I am not a big fan of Meringues generally and not on a vegan diet either. But avoiding foodwaste and trying something new seemed to be worth the adventure. And hell,yes, that was a good decision. Since then I baked them already three times, once adding matcha and once using Rose sugar instead of normal one. Both ended to be delicious and I will keep you posted on further flavours on my facebook page.

But first the basics: All that is needed is a can of chickpeas aka the liquid, some sugar and well if you feel like adding vanilla extract I wont bar you from doing so! Honestly, those are the ingredients:
1 part liquid of chickpeas
1,5 parts sugar

1 tsp vanilla extract (always a good choice!)
1 pinch of salt (never optional!)
1 tsp matcha powder (for those of you that like their greens)
or 1 tsp grounded cinnamon, cardamom, rose pedals
or black sesame seeds to put on top
or food colouring of course

Vegane Meringuen / Aquafaba

I love them being light and not to sweet and that there is this magic about them I generally love in baking. Think: Gross Chickpea liquid turning into heavenly foamy eggwhitelike mountains, just by adding some air. “The people on the internet call it Aquafaba and there are quite some recipes to discover. And not the least: They are supereasy to make, such as:

(1) Heat the oven to 250°F/175 °C and line 3 baking sheets with parchment paper. Pour the chickpea liquid (aquafaba) and the salt into the bowl of a stand mixer and beat with the whisk attachment until stiff peaks form. Gradually beat in the sugar, then the vanilla and/or your addons.

(2) Scoop or pipe the aquafaba mixture into mounds onto the baking sheets and bake for 90 minutes. Be careful not to burn them. The meringues might still not be hard to the touch. Let meringues cool on the baking sheet for 10 minutes, then serve or store them in an airtight container.

(3) Enjoy!

Extratipp: for the ones that didnt turn out to be shining meringue stars: just make them crumble and add to your favourite scoop of icecream!
And if you dont know what to do with all those chickpeas? Steph has an awesome recipe for glutenfree, vegan falafel cake!

PS: How did you like this article being the first one in English?

3 Replies to “Hell, yes! Aquafaba aka Vegan Meringues”

  1. I love it. Actually I have seen it already on You Tube prepared by 2 French cooks. I ran and fetched a can of chickpeas – but alas they have been salted. It wassaid it should work also with other beans. Yet all are with salt. So I did not give it a try.

    There is also a point one has to observe – the chickpeas have to be already cooked or roasted.

    So here is my question – where did you get your unsalted can of chickpeas?


  2. Hi Anna,

    thanx for your comment! In Germany we have the chickpeas mostly unsalted, so that was not a problem.
    Dein Apfel-Halva sieht übrigens grossartig aus :-)


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